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Crisis Management

Not if, but when

Crises are undoubtedly the test of any organization. The volatility of the event, and the immediate need to get in front of the situation and protect your brand, reputation, people, assets and the environment means there’s a lot of balls to be juggled at the same time.

You need seasoned professionals, with time-tested approaches to managing the crisis. Whether you need advice and counsel in the boardroom or in the field, we can leverage our knowledge and tested experience to help you manage and respond to the crisis.

Whether it’s developing your crisis plan in advance, trialing your plan in simulation exercises or responding to an immediate issue, our crisis, issues and security experts can help you get your business back up and running and manage the impact to your brand and reputation.

We provide critical crisis management services:

Crisis planning — when disaster strikes, you need to react quickly and manage the issue. You can’t wait to get your message out and saying the right things at the right time is also important. We can help you manage the crisis, develop the key messages, and manage your crisis in real time.

Crisis plan development — planning in advance is the best way to be prepared for the inevitable. Knowing who needs to do what and having a plan to execute is key to managing your issue and being prepared. We can review your existing plan against best practices and our unrivaled experience in the trenches, or we can create a plan for your organization that provides a road map and readies you in the event of an organization-impacting issue or crisis.

Crisis event support — in the event of an issue we can deploy small or large support, so you can “get big fast” to handle the issue. From on-the-ground support to executive (and Board) advice and counsel, we can support your organization through any sized issue or crisis.

Crisis response scenario training — testing your team and its response BEFORE a crisis is an important part of preparation. We can develop custom, escalating scenario drills to test your plan and your team. Hot Wash and after-action reviews help the team learn and hone their crisis response skills.

Incident Command System (ICS) training — a standardized on-site management system that integrates a combination of facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures, and communications operating within a common organizational structure, ICS is designed to enable effective, efficient incident management. The process is used by industry, first responders and emergency management agencies, so it’s critical your team is trained and understands how ICS works and how to work within it.

ICS is used to manage an incident or a non-emergency event, and can be used equally well for both small and large situations. We can work with you to train your team in ICS 100 and ICS 200.

Security, Safety, Situational Awareness — working with our integrated security partner organization we can review your premises and organization for vulnerabilities, security issues and concerns and safety reviews. We can also provide your team with training in situational awareness, security scenarios, and dealing with people in difficult scenarios.

Outrage Management — leveraging Dr. Peter Sandman’s training, we can help your team understand how outrage can escalate and impact your issue, and how to work with your audiences to find solutions and reassure the public about risks.